With over four million acres burned this wildfire season, California faces severe damages and power outages throughout the state. To reduce the risk of wildfire due to electrical infrastructures, electrical utilities executed rolling power outages. To offset the impact on local communities, utilities have implemented temporary microgrids using generators and voltage step-up transformers to deliver the necessary electrical infrastructure.

VanTran Multi-Tap transformers allow portable generators to be grid-connected to various system voltages. Our Multi-Tap transformers are rated up to 7 MVA and deliver various output voltages up to 35kV in either wye or delta configuration. Fork truck pockets, protective cage, and hardened internal bracing of the core/coil assembly make the VanTran Multi-Tap portable and suitable for being on the road over its lifespan.

  • In stock & short lead times for custom designs supporting natural disaster relief efforts

  • Available with high fire point dielectric fluid – biodegradable & short term overload capacity

  • Forklift pockets & chain tie-downs are standard for easy of mobility