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In 1963, the electrical market underwent a groundbreaking shift. Utilities were now looking for large capacity kVA distribution class transformers—heavy-duty machinery for unique underground use, rather than traditional overhead infrastructure.

Al Bolin saw this need and, along with a handful of colleagues, founded VanTran in Vandalia, IL to provide high-quality unique solutions. This standard, of course, was paired with exceptional customer service. Since its founding, VanTran prides itself on a family-first customer mentality when delivering unique solutions on time, holding the highest quality standards.

Relocated to Waco, Texas in 1974, VanTran provides solutions for large industrial, oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, transportation and renewable markets, where short delivery cycles and on-time delivery are critical for project success. What do we promise? Timely, customizable, out-of-the-box liquid filled distribution class transformers. VanTran customers deserve nothing but the best, and so that’s what we deliver…every time.

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