Celebrating over a century of crafting confectionery delights, Mars-Wrigley has perfected the art of creating joy through treats – from timeless gums to iconic candy bars. In 1976, Mars-Wrigley extended its legacy to Waco, TX, establishing a confectionery haven where the magic behind M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, and STARBURST® unfolds.

Situated as a next-door ally to Mars-Wrigley, VanTran stepped into the picture to provide custom retrofits to replace their 1970’s vintage liquid-filled distribution transformer that served their primary electrical feed into their facility infrastructure for over 50 years.

VanTran delivered two 3750/4200/4687/5250 kVA KNAN/KNAF UL Combo listed high fire point ester fluid substation transformers. The existing electrical lineup included an inoperable low voltage liquid-filled switch which was replaced by metal-enclosed load interrupter switchgear (HVL/cc) throat connected to the VanTran transformer.

  • Existing infrastructure having space limitations and existing connectivity.

  • Retrofit upgrade for switchgear interconnectivity.

  • On-time delivery for meeting site outage schedule.