At VanTran Transformers we take pride in making the difficult and near impossible possible. When deadlines get pushed up and you have to act quickly, VanTran is here to help. Our client came to us with a need for a 3500 kVA Padmount Transformer with spill containment capabilities after civil completion. The contractor turned to VanTran for a solution within the construct of the transformer as would be cost-prohibitive to accomplish this at the site and incur delays.

VanTran came up with the approach of bringing the containment pan inside the compartment while retaining tamper-proof integrity. This design minimized the footprint of the transformer and retained normal access to the interior compartments in the cabinet. This solution saved the contractor time and money, along with keeping to the project timeline and mitigating environmental risk. Another great example of our ability to provide unique custom solutions helping our clients save time, money, and resources.

  • Engineering excellence providing solutions to perplexing problems.

  • All-in-one solution alleviating additional construction costs and project delays.

  • On-time delivery with a fast turnaround schedule.