Oncor provides electricity to over 10 million Texans- over 1/3 of the state’s population. With the largest annual population growth in the nation at 211,000 per annum, Texans need electricity and Oncor is supplying it! With this continued growth, Oncor’s current need is to interconnect more of the distribution network at different operating voltages. Oncor is accomplishing this by installing VanTran auto-transformers in their growing residential and rural communities.

VanTran’s single-phase auto-transformers were chosen over three-phase padmount designs for various reasons. First, it was difficult to get easements for the three-phase design as opposed to a single-phase. Also, single-phase failures in a three-phase transformer require that the entire transformer be replaced. Lastly, a single-phase transformer allows for easier mobility and installation in the field due to the size of the unit, which reduces the cost to install.

VanTran Value Proposition

  • Smaller overall footprint eliminated easement restrictions.

  • Benefit of only having to replace one failed phase versus an entire three phase transformer.

  • Ease of transporting, offloading and installing smaller and lighter single-phase transformers with standard contractor material handling equipment.