With an aging electrical infrastructure, sites are making capital investments to replace aged electrical assets. This is exactly what the Naval Research Lab in is the process of doing. The Naval Research Lab provides research on plasma and space physics, material science, and electronic warfare to name a few. With the vast number of technological advancements coming from this one site, it became imperative that its local electrical infrastructure be upgraded to meet current and future electrical demands.

The project consisted of three-unit substations feeding buildings on the NRL campus. VanTran provided two 2500 kVA padmount transformers, two 5 MVA substation transformers with Neutral Ground Resistors, and two 750 kVA substation transformers (one of which featured three secondary voltages) close coupled to MV Switchgear and LV Switchboards.

This project was a perfect fit for VanTran because of the requirements for full stainless steel construction, compliance with the IEEE C57.12.29 coastal paint specification, and the three secondary voltages on one of the substation transformers.

VanTran Value Proposition

  • Minimized cost and time by delivering transformers that easily retrofitted into existing electrical infrastructure.

  • Delivered the transformers on-time to project timeline.

  • Built with full stainless steel construction and coastal paint allowing the transformer to maintain a long-lasting appearance.