Applied Blockchain, Inc., a publicly-traded builder and operator of next-generation data centers across North America, broke ground on their first hosting facility in Jamestown, ND in September 2021. With nearly 100 megawatts of capacity, this facility will operate approximately 33,000 mining machines providing computing power to blockchain infrastructure and support Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency mining.

With so much computing power running 24/7, consuming large amounts of energy, dependability is crucial to the success of their operation. VanTran delivered 43 – 3500/4375 kVA, 41.6kV, three-phase substation transformers with cover-mounted high voltage bushings and a side-mounted low voltage compartment. These transformers came equipped with a special 7-position high voltage de-energized tap changer, high impedance of 8.0%, and able to accommodate low voltage regulation at a constant high voltage input.

  • Critical delivery requirements to ensure a successful launch.

  • Unique design and specifications for data center application.

  • Accommodating design changes at later stages of manufacturing.