Marengo, Illinois, located outside of Chicago, is the home of a new battery energy storage system to support frequency stability for the local power grid. The new storage system keeps everything operating within safe parameters in a more efficient manner.

With a deadline of less than four months, and a request to add secondary windings to replace existing infrastructure, VanTran stepped up to provide a retrofit padmount that exceeded expectations.

Providing a 2600 kVA, three-phase, dead front, and loop feed padmount transformer with dual winding secondary allowed two inverters to be connected to the transformer doubling the capacity and improving the efficiency of the site.

The durability, reliability, and fast turnaround time made VanTran the best option.

  • Unique design improving capacity and efficiency of the local power grid.

  • Expedited design and delivery time to meet project constraints.

  • VanTran reliability ensured no further delays in commissioning the critical site.