Amtrak, our national rail operator, connects America with 21,000 miles in 46 states, the District of Columbia, and three Canadian provinces. Amtrak operates more than 300 commuter trains each day to more than 500 destinations and four rail agencies in seventeen state-supported corridors. The northeast corridor alone supports 820,000 commuter trips on an average weekday along 363 route miles up to 125-150mph.

VanTran was contracted along with its switchgear-switchboard OEMs to supply 500 kVA – 25 Hz rail line switch heaters. Amtrak is embarking on a capital improvement project along the Northeast corridor to replace existing infrastructure. This journey aligns with Amtrak’s priority for administrating safer, greener, and healthier ways.

These VanTran transformers are key to ensuring proper switching of rail lines during extremely cold temperatures. VanTran has been supporting the rail industry across the nation for many years with reliable supply and performance of its rail network.

  • Engineering excellence providing unique electrical and mechanical solutions.

  • Experience in all forms of transit infrastructure projects across the nation.

  • Fast on-time delivery with flexible delivery schedule aligned with project critical path.