Single Phase and Three Phase

Product Scope & Ratings:

VanTran manufactures a full line of single and three phase submersible transformers for

vault applications. Our submersibles feature 304, 316, or mild steel tanks with welded

on covers and a heavy tar-like coating to prevent corrosion. High voltage bushings are

top mounted, dead front, epoxy wells with inserts. Low voltage bushings are also top

mounted and come standard with spade terminals. Fusing is accomplished by under oil

non-load break canister fuses interlocked to an on-off switch for safety.

VanTran custom makes all of our submersible radiators out of 3/16” steel plate to

ensure our units will withstand the challenging, high moisture environments inherent to

vault installations.

These units are available in sizes up to 2,500 kVA and 150 kV BIL.

Standard Features:

All VanTran submersible transformers can be customized with an endless array of

accessories but come equipped as standard with:

• Automatic Pressure Relief Valve

• Lifting Hooks

• Jacking Pads

• Base Designed for Rolling and Skidding

• Schrader Valve for Nitrogen Blanket

• Externally Operated Tap Changer

• One Inch Fill Plug

• One Inch Drain Valve (Built in Sampler Included on 750 kVA and Larger Units)

• Stainless Steel Tank Grounding Pads (1/2” X 13 NC Tapped Holes)

• Diagrammatic Corrosion Resistant Nameplate