Single Phase and Three Phase

Product Scope & Ratings:

VanTran pole mount transformers feature sealed tank construction and are designed

and built one at a time for your specific application. As a result, VanTran can

manufacture custom units with an endless array of voltages, frequencies, and

configuration variations. Our pole mounts are available in single phase and three

phase, as well as auto-transformer configurations.

VanTran pole mount transformers are available in round, powder coated tanks, up to

1,000 kVA and 200 kV BIL. Our “Platform Style” square tanks are made to the same

exacting standards as our popular substation units and are available in sizes up to 3750

kVA (single phase) and 200 kV BIL.

Standard Features:

All pole mount transformers can be customized with an endless array of accessory

options but come equipped as standard with:

Externally Operated Tap Changer

One Piece Cover Band Clamps with Stainless Steel Hardware

Fill Plug

Drain Plug (Drain Valve with Built in Sampler on 750 kVA and larger units)

Tank Grounding Pads (1/2” X 13 NC Tapped Holes)

Diagrammatic Corrosion Resistant Nameplate

Automatic Pressure Relief Valve

Lifting Hooks

Brackets for Conventional or REA style mounting as required

Optional Features:

Circuit Breakers



Squirrel Guards

Stainless Steel

. . . and thousands more