Single Phase and Three Phase

Product Scope & Ratings:

VanTran Padmount transformers are available in single and three phase configurations

and feature sealed tank construction with welded on covers. Our padmounts are

available in sizes up to 10,000 kVA (10 mVA) and voltages up to 34,500 Delta (or

200 kV BIL) and feature high security, three point latching, pad-lockable double door

compartments with full length steel center partitions and penta-head (REA) security

bolts. This ensures access to the high voltage components is secure.

All VanTran padmount transformers can be customized with endless accessory options.

Standard Features:

Provisions for Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge (Gauge Included on 750 kVA Units

and Larger)

Provisions for Dial Type Thermometer with Maximum Temperature Indicator

(Gauge Included on 750 kVA Units and Larger)

Provisions for Pressure/Vacuum Gauge (Gauge Included on 750 kVA Units and


Schrader Valve for Nitrogen Blanket

Live Front Bushings with Spade Terminals

Externally Operated Tap Changer (With Locking Provisions)

Lifting Hooks

Jacking Pads

One Inch Fill Plug

One Inch Drain Valve (Built in Sampler Included on 750 kVA Units and Larger)

Tank Grounding Pads (1/2”-13 NC Tapped Holes)

Base Designed for Rolling

Diagrammatic Corrosion Resistant Nameplate

Automatic Pressure Relief Valve

Undercoating on Bottom of Transformer to Prevent Corrosion

*Refer to the cut sheet link for complete listing of standard accessories.


Optional Features:

Infinite possibilities but common optional features include the following:

55°/65° Rise

Forced Air Cooling Fans

Explosion Relief Devices

Custom Voltages

Custom Impedences

Custom Frequencies

Biodegradable Envirotemp FR3 fluid

Class 1 Division 2 Rating (and others) for Hazardous Environment

Winding Temperature Monitors

Stainless Steel Construction

. . . and thousands more