Product Scope & Ratings:

VanTran is the world leader in the manufacture of multi-tap substation transformers. Our

specially designed units are manufactured specifically to handle the rugged conditions

inherent to the rental industry.

The core and coils have extra bracing, the windings are made heavier, we have optional

forklift pockets and protective cages, heavy duty tap changers and switches, everything

about this unit was made for durability.

These units are available in sizes up to 7,000 kVA (7 mVA) and are designed to step

up (or down) generation output to numerous commonly-used voltages typically ranging

from 2400 to 14400 Delta or Wye.

Standard Features:

We can customize the input and output voltages to suite your needs but our most

popular units come rated for 60 Hz with ALL of the following voltages as standard:

• 2400 Delta

• 8320 Delta

• 7970 Delta

• 7200 Delta

• 6928 Delta

• 4160GRDY/2400

• 14400GRDY/8320

• 13800GRDY/7970

• 13200GRDY/7620

• 12470GRDY/7200

• 12000GRDY/6928

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Available Taps

Multi-Tap Substation Brochure

Optional Features:

Options for these units are endless, but some of the popular ones are:

• Higher Voltage Ranges

• Cam-Lock Connections

• 50/60 Hz Rating

• Dual 480Y/277 X 600Y/346 Low Voltages (Which Can Also be Used An

AutoTransformer Between These Voltages) (And Other Common Voltages


• 55°/65° C Rise

• Forced Air Cooling Fans

• Biodegradable EnviroTemp® FR3™ Fluid

• Gauge and Switch Guards

• Paint Color

• Forklift Pockets

• Protective Cages

• Alarm Contacts on Gauges

. . . and thousands more