VanTran Responds to the Need for Speed!

While under major time constraints, VanTran Industries rose to the challenge and manufactured 5 highly-specialized 1500kVA Rental Duty transformers for a large Canadian energy company. These transformers will be an integral part of the refining process at a diesel tank farm in Northwest Alberta, Canada.

What does this mean? Petroleum diesel begins as crude oil. The crude oil must be distilled at very high temperatures to separate out the different gases and liquids (i.e.: fuel oil, gasoline, kerosene, etc.). The gases emitted in the distillation towers are highly combustible and, therefore, to reduce volatility, the material must be cooled before the diesel can be tanked. This cooling process is where VanTran’s transformers come into play. The transformers power the refrigeration system, thus, making the process both safe and efficient.

These transformers came complete with specially-designed oil containment pans in the event of a spill to minimize environmental impact, as well as a multi-directional skid base, making it possible to move the units without use of a forklift.

VanTran’s top notch staff of engineers and sales associates, along with our dedicated and highly-experienced manufacturing department worked tirelessly to provide top quality products in a very compressed timeline. Receiving the order on May 21st, the transformers had to be onsite and operational by August 28th. This time included transit from Central Texas where VanTran is based to the far north reaches of Alberta, Canada.

Working closely with the customer, as well as the end-user, VanTran not only built the transformers as originally specified, but also accommodated various changes requested by the end-user during the design/manufacturing process. All of this was accomplished while meeting the project’s onsite/operational deadline.

This project serves as an example that here at VanTran Industries, we manufacture top-quality specialty transformers for the harshest of environments, while meeting the customer’s needs and expectations in a timely manner.

At VanTran we are constantly establishing tomorrow’s transformer standards by solving today’s transformer problems.