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VanTran and Texas

This week’s feature unit, a 150 kVA Padmount Transformer, is headed to Corpus Christi, TX. Manufactured entirely of 316L Stainless Steel, this unit is perfectly suited for the coastal climate where it will be installed. VanTran, which is headquartered in the “Heart of Texas”, Waco, always enjoys partnering with other businesses in Texas. From wind farms in West Texas, offshore platforms off the gulf in South Texas, and even universities all over the state, fellow Texas businesses make up nearly 35% of the transformers we ship.

VanTran Keeps our Delivery Promises!

Check out this 2500 kVA substation that left our factory this week! When the customer came to us in late August saying they needed a transformer and needed it on site no later than October 12, we jumped at the challenge! While a 6-week lead time would be cutting it close for most, VanTran’s mission is to manufacture the highest quality transformers for our customers on-time, every time. So, that’s what we did. We promised our customer that this unit would be on site on October 12, and sure enough, VanTran stood by our promise. With an on-time delivery rate of over 95%, you can count on VanTran to deliver the product you need, when you need it!

5000 kVA Multi-Tap Substation: A VanTran Signature Product!

A VanTran signature product, the last week in September, we had a 5000 kVA multi-tap substation transformer leaving our facility. Earlier this summer, when power lines were accidentally cut on the coast of North Carolina, one of our loyal rental power customers supplied a VanTran Multi-Tap Substation they had in their rental fleet to help assist in getting power back up and running. Because the transformer was instrumental in helping regain power, the customer came back not even two weeks later to order an additional unit for their fleet, knowing the positive benefit that a transformer like this can supply. Available in sizes up to 7 MVA, a VanTran Multi-Tap Substation can create output for 12 different high voltages, and we even offer the option for a dual-secondary to create even more flexibility!

Did you know VanTran manufactures standard transformers in addition to specialty units? And our lead times are great!

Leaving our factory this week we have this 1500 kVA Padmount Transformer. Shipping to Pennsylvania, this transformer is a standard dead-front, loop-feed unit with DOE 2016 Compliant Aluminum windings. While VanTran often prides ourselves on our ability to jump at engineering challenges others might shy away from, we also have a long history of supplying our customers with the highest quality standard transformers. Shipping just 6 weeks after being released for production, we exceeded our customer’s expectation and have this transformer on-site early!

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