Lately At VanTran – June 2015

June was a busy month at our factory with several large units shipping to customers around the U.S. and Canada, from California to Florida, and many places in between.

Here’s a look at a just a few of the units we shipped this month:


This “Green Monster” Rental-Type Substation is a 2500/3125kVA unit with forced air cooling fans we shipped to a customer in Canada earlier this month. As you can see, VanTran offers custom paint jobs on our transformers to give them some extra “flare.” The secondary on this unit is also a dual 480Y/277 X 600Y/346 allowing it output versatility.



This 2500kVA Rental-Type Substation also shipped to Canada earlier this month and offers the 480Y/277 X 600Y/346 secondary for output versatility. As you can see, the unit is protected with a 3″ cage and we’ve added an oil containment pan to prevent any environmental damage in the event of a leak.

tan on truck

Painted Desert Tan, this 3200/4000kVA substation has forced cooling fans and was designed with retrofit dimensions. VanTran is able to custom-design transformers to meet our customers’ exact specification and design requirements. This transformer contains high fire-point FR-3 fluid and has contacts in a NEMA 4 box on all gauges.


June was a big month for VanTran and we’re looking forward to a big July as well!