With more than 50 years of experience in the transformer industry, VanTran  stands second-to-none in terms of our design, manufacturing, and customer service.

Founded in 1963, VanTran has been a trusted liquid-filled transformer manufacturer, building and designing quality transformers for the industrial, commercial and utility markets. Because of our well trained engineering staff we can take on the most challenging of design specifications. Making VanTran stand apart from the other leading transformer manufacturers; we are recognized as an independent American-made specialty transformer manufacturer.

VanTran has made it essential to focus on customer service while maintaining our independence so that we are able to adapt to the ever growing and changing distribution and small power transformer markets. VanTran does meet ANSI, NEMA and IEEE standards and all of our materials are bought from American distributors.

Please send your request to us today. Whether you have a unique design or a request for a standard transformer,Vantran can fulfill your requirements quickly and efficiently. Our desire is to ensure your satisfaction at every stage of the manufacturing process. We are ready to fill your order. Use our request quote tab or email us your specifications today!

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